CNP Philippines @ Water Philippines Expo 2011 CNP Pumps always been a key participant in most of the major water treatment exhibit and technology shows held in various country in asia, joins the 3-day exhibit at SMX Convention Center in Pasay City Philippines organized by Water Philippines Expo. This event was held from September 29 to October 1, 2011 which showcases the best and the latest technology in water treatment industry. CNP Pumps is Offficially distributed in the Philippines by CNP Philippines and Aquavent Trading Corp. CNP Pumps booth, Opening day of Water Philippines Expo 2011 People flocked into the CNP Pumps booth during the 3-day exhibit at SMX. The CNP Philippines Rep- resentatives and the CNP Pumps delegates from China have their hands full during the exhibit. The CNP Philippines Representatives and the CNP Pumps delegates from China worked together in assisting inquiries about CNP Pumps. Desalinator Machine used in water treatment showcased in the CNP Pumps booth. This machine highlights the application of CNP Pumps in water treatment equipment. CNP Philippines Representative and CNP Pumps delegate from China. they worked together in assisting inquiries about CNP Pumps during the 3-day exhibit. CNP Philippines Representatives together with our valued customer during the 3-day exhibit. Our clients who are using CNP Pumps are always in a big smile of satisfaction regarding our products performance.
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